What I Believe


If you would ask me for a creed or confession, I would point you to the Westminster Confession of Faith

However, for a summary:

I am a paedobaptist.
I hold to the Doctrines of Grace.
I am Amillennial in my view of eschatology.

1. I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. These three are one God and the only god.
2. I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. It is without error or contradiction.
3. I believe that Adam was the representative of all mankind. Because Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he disobeyed God’s command. This is called sin.
4. I believe that since Adam was the representative of all mankind, his sin was applied to all mankind. (In the same way, Jesus is the representative of all believers and his sinless life and righteousness is applied to all believers.)
5. I believe that Adam’s sin, which is passed down to all mankind is what gives us our sinful nature. Before we commit any sin of our own, Adam’s sin already condemns us because he is the representative for all mankind.
6. I believe that this sinful nature affects us physically, spiritually, and mentally. Physically in that all mankind is destined to die a physical death. Spiritually in that we are dead in our sins and on the path to Hell. Mentally in that we do not, will not, and can not seek God which means we can’t choose to be saved.
7. I believe that before God created the universe, He knew who would go to Heaven and who would go to Hell.
8. I believe that the people who go to Heaven do not get there because of anything that they do, but only because of what Jesus has done.
9. I believe that because the people who go to heaven do not get there because of anything that they do, they also can not lose their salvation because of anything that they do.
10. I believe that those people who are saved will not abandon God, Jesus, or Christian belief. Instead, they will continue in the true beliefs about God, Jesus, and Christianity until their death.
11. I believe that the reason God knew who would go to Heaven and who would go to Hell is because He made the decision of who He would save and who He would not save.
12. I believe that Jesus died only for the people who would be saved, and not every person to ever live.
13. I believe that Jesus’ death on the cross actually saves people and doesn’t just give people the opportunity to be saved.
14. I believe that because God has chose who will be saved, when He has called you to Himself, you will come. (When you have reached the point that God has decided before He made the world, that you will be saved, you will repent and believe and be saved.)
15. I believe that in order to be saved, you must be born again.
16. I believe that being born again is not something that happens after you repent and believe, or pray a prayer. Instead I believe that being born again is when God the Holy Spirit raises your spirit which is dead in sin.
17. I believe that you can not repent or believe before you are born again because you are dead in your sins. Dead men can’t do anything except be dead.
18. I believe that it is okay to baptize by three ways: immersing someone in water, sprinkling someone with water, and pouring water over someone’s head.
19. I believe that baptism should applied to everyone who is a member of God’s covenant.
20. I believe that children of Christian parents are members of God’s covenant and should be baptized.
21. I believe that giving 10% of your income is not required today. Instead we should give generously and as we are able. God knows our hearts and our motives.
22. I believe Jesus had the ability to sin, but did not sin.
23. I believe that when Jesus returns, He will come to raise the dead, judge the world, and make all things new. ???
24. I believe Jesus can return at any moment.
25. I do not believe the Bible teaches a 7 year tribulation.
26. I do not believe in a secret rapture of believers before Jesus returns.
27. I believe that the 1000 years in Revelation 20 are not a literal 1000 years. Instead I believe that the 1000 years is the entire time between Jesus’ first coming and His second coming.
28. I do not believe in an age of accountability where children are saved until they reach a certain age where they become aware of their sin and must make a decision for Jesus.
29. I do not believe praying a prayer saves anyone. God saves through the Gospel.
30. I believe women should not be pastors or have authority over men within the church.
31. I believe the gifts of tongues and prophecy have ceased.


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