Not Again Perry! Why I Now Believe Perry Noble is a False Prophet

perry1This comes in late as far as this blog goes, but I actually discussed this on Facebook shortly after it happened.

The reason I wanted to add this about Perry Noble is because by-and-large, the most popular post on this blog is my article on Perry Noble and why I call him a false teacher. I thought it would be nice if I could supplement that post with more information.

Well, well, well. Perry Noble has denied that the Ten Commandments are actually commandments. Rather, they are “promises”. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; this guy is a false teacher who preaches garbage. This one incidence shows his ignorance of Hebrew, Greek, the New Testament, God himself, the Mosaic covenant, and covenant structure just for starters. Don’t be fooled by this guy.

They are indeed commandments given by God which man is required to obey and these commandments and are still binding today.

I’d like to say one more thing about the whole Perry Noble incident. If you’ll recall, he claims that God told him to preach that certain message that morning.

The message centered around a Jewish friend of his telling him that there is no Hebrew word for “commandment”. He then goes on to explain how the ten commandments aren’t commandment at all, rather they’re promises. :-/

I just want to take a second to look at one passage from the New Testament. Ephesians 6:2, “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise).

What!? Paul just called this a commandment? And he said it is the first to come work a promise? Paul just distinguished between two Greek words, one referring to promise and one referring to commandments. They can’t and are not the same thing. Perry disagreed with Paul in his Christmas Eve sermon and claims it came from God. This has officially made him a false prophet in my eyes.

Perry Noble, repent.

After this he did issue an apology. He did apologize for being wrong about the word in Hebrew, and for some of the other things he said, but he didn’t repent from his claim that God told him to preach this false information which is contradictory to scripture. So he’s still a false prophet.