10 Reasons I’m Not a Preterist

70ad1. Preterists fail to properly understand the two-age model–this age and the age to come.

2. Preterists make the assumption that because John says that “the time is near” the events about to be depicted are to happen really soon. The problem with that is Revelation ends the same way stating that “these things must soon take place” after just describing Christ’s second coming and the resurrection.

3.Preterists make the claim that Revelation is in a sense a covenant lawsuit against Israel, but if this is the case, why is the book addressed to the seven churches and not Israel? Anytime a prophet announces God’s coming judgment on Israel in the Old Testament, they specifically addressed Israel by name.

4. Preterists wrongly interpret “all the tribes or peoples of the earth” as “tribes or people of the land”. Especially in Chapter 1 which is pulled directly from Daniel 7 which is talking about people, nations and languages serving him. Also, one reason I believe this does not refer to Israel is because John is not afraid to use that reference if needed in Revelation. He does so later.

5. Preterists interpret from Chapter 3, “time of trial that is coming on the whole world” and coming on the “whole land [of Israel]”. But the church in Philadelphia is 600 miles away by air from Israel and closer to 1000 miles by foot. The Romans did not cut a 600+ miles wide path on their way to destroy Jerusalem and there is no evidence to suggest that they did so. Also, Philadelphia was being persecuted by the Jews at that time so what concern would it really be of theirs anyway?

6. In Chapter 6, God tells his people to wait until the full number of martyrs has been achieved before he judges those who dwell on the earth and we know that there are still martyrs today, even much more so than in the 1st Century AD and therefore the full number has not been reached.

7. Preterists pick and choose when to use “land” or “earth” and they choose “earth” in Rev. 6:15 when speaking of the “kings of the earth”. It seems very inconsistent. Also, how would the kings of the earth be affected by this anyway?

8. Preterists interpret the locusts in Chapter 9 as a time when Roman soldiers attacked and killed 3600 citizens. David Chilton cited Josephus for this reference. However, verse 5 says that they were permitted to torment but not to kill. This would be a direct contradiction of Scripture.

9. Chapter 11 states that a tenth of the city [of Jerusalem] fell, but for the preterist case to be correct, it would need to be the whole city, 100%, not a tenth.

10. Preterists interpret the number of the beast, 666, as being a reference to Nero and work out the spelling of his name using Hebrew gematria to arrive at this calculation. The problem is that John wrote in GREEK not Hebrew! When John wants his readers to understand something in Hebrew, he is sure to mention it (Rev. 9:11; 16:16). There are also numerous ways to spell Nero’s name and the way used most popularly by Ken Gentry is misspelled.


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